California Laser Spine Institute: Conditions, Symptoms and More

When using lasers, the surgery itself is also drastically different than traditional spinal surgery. Doctors performing laser spine surgery remove the sources of nerve sensitivity and pain by lasering off the ends and decreasing the size of the disks between vertebrae to relieve the pressure that is causing pain in a process called ablation. Laminotomy is the procedure that removes some of the “meat” of a disk, or adjacent bone spurs or growths, decompressing the disk size and reducing the amount of pressure on the spine and surrounding tissues.


A laser is a focused beam of light that can be used for cutting soft tissue. In eye surgery laser used for two decade safely, they are definitely useful and have changed corrective eye procedures drastically. Lasers can cut disc tissue, but it is far easier and more reliable to mechanically grab the disc fragment and remove it from compressing the nerve.

Condition to treat with Spine Laser:

Spinal Stenosis
Facet Disease
Bulging Disc
Pinched Nerve
Disc Disease
Herniated Disc

Scar Tissue
Arthritis of the Spine
Foraminal Stenosis


Symptoms Treated:

Back or neck pain with or without radiating leg or arm pain
Back pain that involves the hips, buttocks or legs
Weakness/numbness in the legs or feet
Weakness/numbness in the arms or hands

Laser Spine Treatments:
Average 70% reduction in pain, medical visits and medical costs compared to year before procedure
More than 80% of patients have good-to-excellent pain reduction
More than 8,000 success stories
More than 95% of patients would recommend to a friend


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